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Door Viewer/ Peep Hole on a 6 plank door


I am trying to install a door viewer in my front door. I am wanting to get it centered but I am thinking with the style of door I have that will not be possible. I Have a 2-panel door with 6 vertical planks in each panel. So the middle of  the door would be in the crack/between two planks. Will this be possible to do? Or, can I not have it centered on the door.... if I put it on one of the planks, then it will not be centered in the door and will look quite ridiculous....

Thank you for your help and advice.
-Kenneth Beach

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Posted 2015-06-23T19:49:08+0000  by Beach Beach
Hi Beach!

I understand your concern and took time to look into the specifications on an example door viewer.

I commonly see this port installed in the "crack" between two center panels.

But when you inspect the door, these are the specifications you should address:

1) Hole diameter; and

2) Minimum door thickness.

In the example linked above, the hole diameter is .56-inch and the minimum door thickness is 1.38-inches.

If this was your door viewer and your six-panel door meet these specifications, you should have no difficulty installing the viewer "on center."

Most viewers are built with a flange that helps cover the hole.

And, some people add a micro-dot of silicone sealant to ensure the opening is water-tight.

So, review your door specification and then the specification of the door viewer before drilling the hole.

When I have to meet exact location and size with a drill, I ensure the door is firmly in position (will not swing while drilling) and "pilot" the hole with a smaller bit first.

This allows me to hit the center on the first try ... or make very small location adjustments as I increase the size of the drill bit.
Posted 2015-06-23T20:58:34+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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