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Door frame popped out of top corner

The top corner of the frame of a door with a spring hinge has popped out about 1 1/2" in the direction in which the door closes. (It leads from FR to garage, so it has to automatically close.  No one slams it shut, and nothing has hit it.) It's still positioned in the wall on the hinge side and the bottom.  With the trim off, you can see a 3/8" gap at the top and side which narrows to be almost flush with the drywall near the bottom. There are several shims in the gap. The house is 10 years old.  The door fits the frame okay.  The springs for the hinges were replaced about 1 1/2 years ago as their springs had broken.  How did this happen and how do I fix it?  Should the frame be screwed into the wall so it doesn't happen again?  There are no signs of the house recently settling or buckling. 

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Posted 2013-05-30T03:35:13+0000  by kfullerton2002 kfullerton2002

Hello kfullerton2002 and welcome to the community!


Your situation doesn't happen very often, but it can, unfortunately. The fix is fairly simple, you need to remove two of the screws, preferably the top & bottom screws only, and on the jamb not the door.


Then, you will replace those short screws with longer 3 inch screws.  These longer screws will hopefully grip onto your 2x4 studs and pull the frame back into to place. If you are using a power drill to drive in those screws, go slow, or you strip the head of the screw. And if you have an older home the wood tends to be very dry and sometimes the screws won't go easily. If this happens, you can  rub some wax on the threads of the screws, that will help them go in easier. 


What size screws do you need? Well you need the same diameter screws only longer, and don't use drywall screws, the heads will snap under pressure, use wood screws that match your current color, brass, silver, etc...


Keep in mind that while you are driving in these screws you are also moving that door frame back into place. This same process will also work on door frames with no spring loaded hinges.




Posted 2013-05-30T14:15:20+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Thanks, Angelo. I'll try it this weekend.

Posted 2013-05-31T03:40:01+0000  by kfullerton2002
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