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Drain Installed wrong?

I had a slow drain problem. I put some drano in the drain. (Master on main shower). This did not correct it so undid the shower cover. The drain looks like someone poured plaster or cement down the drain. We just bought the house. It is only four years old. As I tried to loosen the blockage I noticed that I was finding that I can access the cement under the drain. In other words the drain does not appear to connect to the exit pipe. Sorry I don’t know the correct terms. Is this drain installed correctly? I tried to upload a picture but the upload button doesn’t seem to work. 
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Posted 2020-03-25T03:49:16+0000  by Hikernj Hikernj
Obviously there's no reason for cement or plaster to be in a drain although drywallers have been known to dump stuff they shouldn't down whatever drain was available to them.  Was this house occupied before you purchased it?  Was it a foreclosure?  People being evicted have been know to cause damage.

Picture would help a lot.  If you are trying to upload an image from your computer then choose the icon on the right (the one on the left is for embedding an image stored somewhere else).  Then click browse and find the image on your computer.

Typically the drain on a shower would connect to a P-trap below, much like a kitchen sink.  What's below the bathroom?
Posted 2020-03-26T01:53:58+0000  by Adam444
Hi Hikernj,

I would have a plumber use a camera and look in the drain for any blockage, they may be some foreign material in there. Also be careful using drain cleaners as they have acid in them and can be dangerous. If the drain is not fully blocked drain cleaners flow right by the blockage and on down the drain. In a shower, hair is the most common blockage and is difficult to remove, snaking the drain is the best approach.

Be sure and tell any plumber you call that you have used a drain cleaner. 

Posted 2020-04-01T23:03:45+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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