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Dry Creek Bed Stump Issue

What is the best way to deal with tree roots that run into the dry creek bed I am digging without killing or destabilizing the tree? Our drainage issue runs along the fence line built by a neighbor. It is an area in which 50' trees run along. Some have had to be removed due to damage from storms. However three still live and provide beautiful shade. We have been stalled by a large root, about nine inches in diameter, close to the surface. Will we kill or destabilize the tree if we cut the root? Digging below is virtually impossible. We would appreciate any advice. 
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Posted 2017-08-24T11:14:55+0000  by Hotmama Hotmama

Greetings Hotmama,

Creating a dry bed to divert and disperse collecting water is crucial to prevent pooling water and water run-off into basements and garages


I suggest you do not disturb the roots of the existing trees in anyway, the roots are key to take up some of the problem water, severing or damaging those roots will just add more water to your existing problem. Compromising the root structure will only compound the issue; those roots are your friends, and they will suck up as much water as they can.

I am thinking that adding dry wells that will disperse the water underground could be an idea. You would have to dig down quite a bit, and far from the huge roots to filter the water down and away from the problem areas. A leaching system may be the answer, a series of wells sunk where you are able to dig.

I know that digging around roots is a trying, difficult proposal, but I believe it is and option you may want to explore. I know that disrupting the roots and their uptake of water will only add to your dilemma.

Is there a way to plant some shrubs that will help to soak up some of the water; many shrubs thrive with soggy, wet feet and will help suck up some of the excess moisture.

The Home Depot has so many options, on-line, and in store to help you with your drainage problems, check out this link for starters.

Let us know how things are flowing,     Maureen 

Posted 2017-08-24T18:58:15+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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