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Dry Erase Magnetic wall

Recently I painted a dry ease wall with a magnetic primer.  This was a bad choice I had made. The magnetic doesn't work and you can see the black right through the dry erase paint.  I contacted RUST-OLEUM to see what they suggest.  I was curious I can purchase a piece a sheet metal that is about 7x6 to cover a wall and maybe put some type of adhesive so that it sticks to the dry wall and than paint that with a chalk board or dry erase paint. Would that work?

Thank you,
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Posted 2015-04-04T20:07:29+0000  by samantha04 samantha04
I've never used either of the products but from reading the data sheet on the magnetic primer, they say, "Strong magnets with minimal weight adhere best when coated properly."  The instructions for the white board paint say to use a white primer on unprimed surfaces and I'd suspect that's because the paint doesn't have a lot of hiding ability.  If you live without the sticking magnets to the surface, another coat or two of the white board paint would probably solve the coverage problem.

You could certainly attach sheet steel to the wall and then paint over it.  The challenge might be finding a piece of sheet steel that large so you may need to use a two or more pieces.  Unless you happen to have a metals dealer in your area, shipping could get very expensive.  It may even be cheaper/easier to buy an actual white board.
Posted 2015-04-05T17:45:08+0000  by Adam444

Did you apply three generous coats of the magnetic primer? There must be enough thickness of primer for the magnets to adhere. Granted, heavy objects will not stick, but typical "refrigerator" type magnets will adhere.

The Dry Erase product is catalyzed and does require a couple wet coats . I have personally applied the Dry Erase over the magnetic primer with good results.
Posted 2015-04-06T06:36:18+0000  by ordjen
Outstanding advice once again Ordjen!

To clarify, the Magnetic Primer instructions recommend applying three coats to improve magnetic adhesion; waiting approximately one-hour between coats.

And, Adam is correct also, the glossy white Dry Erase Specialty Paint will benefit from a white primer that covers the black primer and also promotes a smoother final coat.

In both cases, the manufacturer recommends the High Density Foam Roller.

This product is very dense and should be thoroughly mixed immediately before application.

Posted 2015-04-07T17:33:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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