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Drywall Anchors

My TV had originally come with these plastic drywall anchors. I've recently moved and there's no way to remove the anchors from the wall; it appears to be a one time use item. I was wondering if there's any alternatives I could use? Perhaps butterfly anchors, or are those not recommended for hanging a 90lb TV?
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Posted 2011-02-14T21:32:21+0000  by li-kris li-kris

Hi li-Kris, I’m Ken with The Home Depot in California, Welcome to the community. I love the new TV’s and the fact that you can mount them to the wall. I’m not sure what type of plastic anchors you had before, but I will give you some info to help you mount that TV.


I prefer to use either a butterfly also known as a toggle bolt at least ¼ inch diameter for hanging heavy objects or a product called a WINGITS. Both of these can easily hold 90lbs or more. Just go into your local Home Depot to the hardware department and pick one of these up.


If you have more questions, please ask we’re here to help you. I have provided a link to show you both products. Hope this helps. 

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Posted 2011-02-14T22:11:10+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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