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Drywall Repairing

I am remodeling a house for my friends and after cleaning the bathroom, noticed the drywall was weak.  My neighbor tapped on it and a piece just fell through. I am trying to figure this out as I go as to how to properly repair it.  Should I bust out the damaged area completely? It's in the bathroom right where the shower head is.  The house was probably built in the 60's.  I'm trying to fix it the cheapest I can but have it durable to last.  I also need some kind of checklist to the materials he needs to buy for me to repair it.  Also we have hardwood flooring that the last tenant left a freezer on and it turned the flooring white. Does that need to be replaced also or will a cleaner get it up? Just don't want to ruin it. And whats the best paint to use in bathroom and kitchen so it doesn't wilt or mess up from water and steam?
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Posted 2017-07-18T16:32:36+0000  by Lancos Lancos
Hey Lancos.

Often times with a house that old, there has been sheetrock repairs done around the shower head where joint compound has been spread into holes. This can visually fix things but lacks strength and is not considered to be a long term solution. You may need to find 2 wall studs and put in a larger 16 X 16 or 24 X 24 inch sheetrock patch.

In bathrooms and other places where steam and water are prevalent you will get better protection with a higher sheen paint. Semigloss is a good option, as it is not too glossy but offers good protection. Greenboard sheetrock is also recommended around showers where water often splashes on the walls.

As for the hardwood floor, it sounds like you are going to need something more industrial than just a hardwood floor cleaner. Depending on what the white stuff on the floor is and if the hardwood has a coat of polyurethane over it, would determine what would be the better option. Krud Kutter would probably remove the white stuff on the floor without hurting it.

I would recommend going into the store with your friends and getting everything. There are a lot of things that you are going to need to pick up since you are essentially working on 3 projects.

Razor knife for cutting out sheetrock
Stud finder
24 x 24 piece of sheetrock
sheetrock screws
sheetrock mud
trowel for mud
sheetrock tape
drill with screwdriver bit

painter tape
paint tray
terry towels
Krud Kutter
Posted 2017-07-20T12:05:39+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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