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Drywall Tape

My question today is about a debate on if drywall tape is necessary or not?  I think drywall tape is a necessary for a nice finished product but my husband thinks it is not needed and time consuming. What are your thoughts on the tape vs no tape debate?

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Posted 2011-01-22T16:37:54+0000  by Brookeneedshelp Brookeneedshelp

Yes you need the tape and I strongly recommend the self sticking fiberglass variery for ease of use!  No tape bubbles will appear and much faster then wetting it down and hope it stays down.  All you will need is a ladder and a scissors so you could do it while he is at work!  :-)

Posted 2011-01-22T18:50:32+0000  by cheapersmokes

Hey there Brookneedshelp,


cheapersmokes is absolutely right about using drywall tape, there really isn't a large drywall project where you DON"T use tape. The only time when tape isn't needed is simply if there is no replacement or corners of drywall being repaired, like filling nail holes and uneven surfaces. Also, as cheapersmokes stated the fiberglass or mesh tape really is the way to go, it is much faster and more efficient than using the old paper tape type, and its stronger as well. To make sure the tape is secured properly to the wall, be sure to clean off  the area of dust and residue so as to achieve the best bond to the wall. Here is a picture of one of our online products but we also have plenty of in stock mesh tapes that are just as good:


So again for larger, corner, or replacement of drywall in your wallboard projects, tape can't be avoided. But, in the longrun, you'll get a much better wall out of doing one simple extra step of applying the tape!


Welcome to the community and have a great day!


Posted 2011-01-22T19:13:31+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I think you need tape to obtain a smooth look if it is going to be painted or wall-papered.


I have a related question on whether to use tape: 

1.  If the drywall (purple) is to go behind tiles (there will be felt paper + floating mortar), do I need to tape and spackle the drywall too?  In my situation, I don't care how it looks.  Does tape and spackle screw holes have integrity purpose? 


2.  Do I need to prime the drywall?  If so, primer or sealer to use? 



Posted 2011-03-21T18:37:01+0000  by yuna

Hey yuna,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


You are absolutely right about getting a smooth look by use of tape if the drywall is being repaired on a big scale.


To answer your 2 questions:


1. Are you referring to installing ceramic tiles over drywall? Usually drywall is poor choice for putting tile on top of, unless its in an area that will never get moisture or water on it, such as a living room, etc. Tileboard is generally used in its place, but you can use a pre-mixed mastic tile adhesive over the drywall AS LONG as the drywall is clean and painted/primed.  Therefore, you wouldn't particularly need spackle for that, again, as long as the drywall is in good shape.


Tape and spackling screw holes does give integrity and strength to areas if they are large areas. 


2. You do need to prime the drywall, A good primer/sealer to use for new sheetrock or freshly renovated sheetrock is PVA primer. PVA soaks into the gypsum and spackling/joint compound, allowing for easier use for whatever top coat of paint you prefer. however, you can also use a good oil-based primer such as Kilz or Cover Stain by Zinsser (I like that one the best) 


Hope this helps you out yuma, and let us know if we can be of any further assitance,


Posted 2011-03-21T19:36:44+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

It really depends on where you are hanging the sheetrock and what your plans for the room are. If you plan on texturing the walls then the tape might be a must have, or not needed at all if you are putting on heavy texture. On the other hand, I'm getting ready to sheetrock the walls in my new garage workshop. I'm not planning to paint it so there is no need to tape the seams. I'm just putting the sheetrock up to keep the insulation in place and for the better light reflection. Even if I do paint it later I don't see any need to tape the seams or texture the walls. Afterall, its just a workshop for wood working.

Posted 2011-10-01T18:28:33+0000  by ColoradoHermit
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