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Drywall Texturing??

Im remodeling my parents bathroom for a Christmas present... Mom wants the 'Spanish knife' texture and I have not really found much information on this technique.. but im thinking its a a blend between the 'knock down' and 'hand trowel' method.... kind just apply in clumps and smooth down leaving texture forming around the edges of the knife? Any Advice, tips, or explanations would be greatly appreciated... I would also like to know the mixture needed to form the mud?

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Posted 2011-12-20T02:18:37+0000  by tbsmiley33 tbsmiley33

That website has a pretty decent tutorial on doing this technique. There's video as well. If you click the above picture it will take you there.

Posted 2011-12-20T02:57:18+0000  by Paul

I'm going to dry this to resolve the issues in my bathroom. I wanted to paint it a while back. Scored, steamed and started to remove the wall paper. As you can see in the picture below, ithe drywall paper started ripping as I removed the wallpaper. Wall paper was up for over 20 years.  




I'll respond next week with an updated picture in a few days. I'm liking Thanks for sharing Paul.

Posted 2011-12-21T17:34:48+0000  by CraftyGalDIY

CraftyGalDIY!  Please learn from my experience!  Before you do anything to the walls, buy some Zinsser Gardz and follow the instructions on the can - cut off and sand loose paper on drywall (Gardz label recommends a certain grit of sandpaper), apply Gardz, skim coat, and apply a second coat for Gardz.  AND THEN texture, prime, and paint.


Gardz is kind of like a glue that soaks into the walls and bonds the layers together and is for damaged drywall.  It has a milky color and watery consistency, but dries clear.  It is easy to apply once you realize that it isn't applied like paint (since it is watery)!  I used a roller and a sponge brush.  The walls soaked in a bunch with that first coat, but I didn't need nearly as much with the second coat (factor that in when buying).  It is easy clean up, and the smell disappears as it dries.


I have pulled down wallpaper in four rooms and only found Gardz for the most recent two.  The first two rooms that I did were bathrooms, and our master bathroom walls look awful.  The paint looks like it is "crying" and is sliding down the walls (Behr semi gloss).  I actually plan to go back and clean the walls and apply the Gardz on top of the paint to bond the layers, which should help per the Gardz label.  I just finished the first Gardz room a few months ago (dining room), and it looks beautiful.  Granted, it doesn't get the humidity as the bathroom, but I still feel much better about its durability.  (I'm still working on the second Gardz room and have only applied the first coat.)


I don't think that I found the Gardz at HD, but I did find a quart size at Ace Hardware store in the wallpaper section.  (I also found a gallon at a specialty paint store, not SW, but you probably won't need that much.)


Helpful article about Gardz (and helpful web site about painting in general)...


Good luck!

Posted 2011-12-23T12:44:12+0000  by Geeee
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