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Drywall the space above the plate

In the garage, one wall is where 2x6 rafters are coming down to the plate.  I want to drywall the approximate 7" x 16" space above the plate and up to the roof sheathing.  Is there is an easier way of backing the drywall?


One thought was to add vertical nailers to the rafters flush to the plate then attach the drywall on three sides.  The drywall would not be nailed up against the sheathing.


The second thought was to set to add a cross member to the nailers mentioned above to stiffen the 16" space.The drywall could be nailed on four sides.   I was hoping that the first method would be stiff enough for the size of opening

and don't know what is really necessary.


Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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Posted 2012-02-20T16:52:24+0000  by ptretired ptretired

Welcome to the community.


   If you essentially want to “finish off” the space between the rafters… then simply adding a 2x2 strip to the inside space - flush to the top would be more than enough support for drywall.   You could go ahead and attach a connecting cross board at the points where the joint would be created between two drywall panels.  Use drywall screws to secure the panels and self-sticking mesh tape for the joints.


   One other thought is to measure each space before cutting the drywall.  You will want the drywall to fit as tight as possible to the inside.  Sometimes those spaces might have slight variances in measurements.



Hope this helps.

Posted 2012-02-20T19:26:41+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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