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Ductless HVAC Systems

How do I know what model of HVAC Ductless Heater to purchase ?  I currently live in WA state and have electric heat. I understand that ductless heating is extremely energy efficient and want to convert. How do I know which one to buy ?

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Posted 2013-06-26T23:10:40+0000  by DocWan DocWan




If you are having a contractor install your unit, the contractor should be providing such information as part of his service. Most contractors have computer programs which will do the calculations when the contractor inputs the pertinent data, such as: volumn of air to be heated or cooled, insulation in walls and ceilings, window openings, orientation of house to the sun, etc. If your contractor does not have such a program, you need a better contractor!


Proper sizing is very important both for comfort and economy. Too big and the heater will constantly cycle on and off with hot blasts of air. A/C will similarly cool too fast without properly having de-humidified the air. You then feel cool and clammy.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-06-27T04:16:19+0000  by ordjen
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