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Dying tree but no receipt

Hello, several months ago we purchased a tree form Home Depot. I have copies of all my receipts from several months of shopping at Home Depot, however, unfortunately the one receipt showing we purchased this tree at Home Depot has gone missing.  Is there any way I can still return/exchange this tree?  We would like to try and replace the tree asap.
Thank you.

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Posted 2017-09-08T18:50:34+0000  by caitij caitij
Hey caitij.

Although home depot policy states that returns of live goods must be accompanied with a receipt, a store can usually look up a purchase if it has been within the last year, as long as they have the SKU of your plant and the credit card (Visa, checkcard or Home depot card, etc...) it was purchased with.

Having worked in the store for 20 years, there is also a degree of leniency with some policies for certain circumstances. I would recommend going into the store with your dying plant (Emerald Arborvitae) and see if they can look it up if you paid for it on a card. If you paid cash then I would recommend talking to the manager on duty, as taking care of our customers is our #1 priority.

Posted 2017-09-10T10:44:46+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Image result for single arborvitae

Greetings caitij,


The tree does look really rough ….is the green branching crispy to the touch?

The ground looks very dry and parched, it appears that there are quite a few mature tree within that area from the shade and branching I can see in the photos, big trees with massive root systems, will compete for the water that you supply to your newly planted tree.....and the big guys will win!  So drenching is so, so important!

The tree looks like it may still have a chance…. (While you look for your receipt) cut off all the bottom branches that are, grey-brown, in appearance. Some arborvitaes, when the trees are being shipped are stacked upon each other at the pot level causing damage to the bottom branches, those branches will never turn green again so cut them off. The removal of the bottom branches will allow air flow and water to penetrate directly to the trunk and feeder roots.

Trim off all the browning branches and give the tree a good shake, this action wil remove all the browning of the inner needles, they will fall to the ground then rake them out and away from the trunk.

That tree needs hydration, the entire bed look like it would benefit from thorough, daily waterings, also some granulated food, and Quick Start Transplant solution would only help and prevent the further failing trend of the tree.

Trim back the branches of the other trees that may hinder success of your new tree, like the leaves that are just abovr the tipp of your tree, and also if you deadhead the Black- Eye Susan’s, or the Echinacea (I can not tell) that are in that bed you may get another flush of blooms before the end of the season.


The Home Depot does guarantee our live goods for one year. The Home Depot return policy is: the dead plants must be accompanied with the original receipt within one year of the date of transaction, a refund is provided and then you can repurchase new plant.  


Speak to a manager as Ingar advises, if you know the time and date of the purchase of the tree, and it is within 90 days the store may be able research your transaction and give you a copy of the receipt, but finding your own receipt will be the best scenario.


That tree wants to live….even if you find your receipt you may want to give the tree a chance to take hold and gain strength. You have pictures documenting the growth of the trees, and when they started to fail…if you get a copy of your receipt you still have year to promote new growth…..just my opinion.

Best of luck to you and your tree,



Posted 2017-09-12T14:37:14+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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