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Easiest way to paint over a red wall?

We just bought a new house and one of the bathrooms is a horrible pinkish/red color.  I want to paint over it with a pale blue color but want to do it right and not have that red bleed through.  Can someone tell me the best way to do this?

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Posted 2013-09-22T20:09:31+0000  by CHallum CHallum

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Thank you for your question!


The key to covering red is using a good primer. Ones such as Kilz Premium, Gildden Gripper or Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer would be the most ideal.


When I painted my cabinets from dark brown to white, I applied two coats of primer before applying the paint and then two coats of paint and it covered very well! :)


If you have any more questions, please let us know!


Christine :)    

Posted 2013-09-23T13:37:43+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL



The primary determinant of how well a paint or primer covers, is the quality and amount of the white pigment in it. A full bodied white paint such as Ultra Pure White,  Behr Premium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra will equal or exceed the covering ability of a dedcated primer. Both these products have 4 pounds of titanium dioxide per gallon. Both these products are self-priming. They both may be used in place of a dedicated primer for adhesion and coverage.


Two full coats of these products should have no problem blanking out the old red color. The addition of colorant gives additional color blanking ability, especially if lamp black is in the  formula  for the pale blue you have chosen..


Use of  a paint and primer in one product such as Behr, simplifies the whole painting process. You do not need to have a separate  primer tinted, as the THE PAINT IS THE PRIMER.  Especially in a small area such as a bath, one common gallon will often be adequate for both functions and both coats. Not only is the process simplified, but it often ends up less exspensive, as only one product is neccessary, rather than two.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-24T06:06:36+0000  by ordjen
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