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Easy DIY Herb Drying Rack

It was crystal clear to me when I saw the beautiful prism knobs with a clearance tag on them that they were a project waiting to happen!


These beautiful knobs were just the inspiration that I needed to build a quick, and easy, herb drying rack!


I have wanted to make an herb drying rack for years. I do use a lot of fresh herbs for cooking, and I just love going out and clipping fresh herbs, but sometimes there are so many that are waiting to be harvested that I need to dry them for a later use.

Hanging them off of towel bars and door knobs, thumb tacking them to window sills work well, but why not make a place for the herbs to be easily accessible and pretty to look at!




Tape measure

Paint brush

Sanding sponge




 3.5 X 15 inch board, or however long you would like the rack to be

Chalkboard paint


½ inch eye hooks

Jute twine


The board I used for this project was purchased from the cull cart at Home Depot, ask the lumber associate at your local Home Depot if they have any cull lumber for purchase.


Step 1: With the sanding sponge, sand away all rough edges on the board.

Step 2: Depending on how many knobs you plan on using, measure and space the knob placement evenly apart and mark. The board I used was 15 inches, so I spaced them every three inches, leaving 3 inches on each end.

Step 3: With a 3/16 drill bit I drilled through the wood, to allow the knob threaded screw to fit right through the hole, and then be fastened with the nut on back.

Step 4: Paint the board with Chalk Board paint and let dry

Step 5: Cover the board lightly with an application of chalk and then wipe off.

Step 6: Print the herb name over knob holes

Step 7: Put knobs thru hole and screw in place, add eye hooks 1 inch in from end, run twine through for hanging.


Step 8: The herbs should be cut in the early part of the day. Lay them out flat and then gather them at the stems and tie with jute twine, or ribbon.

Step 9: Make a loop of twine and add it to the tied herb punch.

Step 10: Hang the herb bunches from the herb rack knobs and allow drying. Add some dried herbs to your favorite recipes, and enjoy the fresh harvested flavors!

Some herbs aromatic properties are their greatest assets, Lavender although is beautiful growing in the garden, or in pots on the porch has an amazing scent. It is said that lavender sachets and lavender oil is a great way to induce a calm, restful, slumber.

This herb rack hangs by my granddaughters crib in hopes of bringing on a long, tranquil sleep for her.... and her parents! 

Herbs; like the the knobs that I used for  this project, have many facets!

Whether it is watching their beauty growing in pots or in the garden, using them fresh or dried in your favorite recipes or simply brushing up against them and snipping them for sachets.....herbs enrich our lives!

 The unique scents and delicious flavors herbs produce should be right at hand, build this quick and easy herb rack and enjoy the bounty of goodness herbs provide.

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Posted 2015-06-09T13:28:57+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS