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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

Easy DIY Kids Easter Wheelbarrow


Build this happy “Spring/Easter Wheelbarrow” just in time to haul a bounty of Easter goodies! Follow the simple directions for the rustic wheelbarrow on this link, and then let your imagination hop to it.


My inspiration came the day I passed the "oops" paint shelf while working in the aisles of my Home Depot. The "oops" section has the paint colors that are not exactly what the customer expected after they have been mixed, the island of misfit paints.  For me the "oops" shelf is a treasure trove of projects waiting to happen, at a discounted price. One grey day in February I came across the "oops" shelf and discovered multiple pastel paint samples, it looked as if the Easter Bunny had come by to make a few samples of his favorite egg painting colors....and forgot to pick them up!  I knew at that moment just what I was destined to create….a festive toy wheelbarrow, an Easter gift for my granddaughter.


I substituted the wooden wheel with a plastic wheel, from the garden department, to ensure smooth miles and a bit more durability for a toddler.


Step 1.  Follow the great directions from the site and assemble the crate wheelbarrow, purchase a plastic wheel if you would like.



Step 2. Gather paints and paint brushes, painting is a bit time consuming because of the multiple colors, but it moves right along. I had a small brush for each color and wrapped each brush in tin foil, it keep the brushes subtle while I worked on another color, and loaded and ready for touch ups too.



Step 3. Paint the wheel as well, use multiple colors, and make it fun!



Step 4. *This is an optional step. With fabric and batting, stitch a mattress and pillow for the bottom of the crate. You never know when a stuffed bunny or baby doll may need to take a nap while they are having a ride in the wheelbarrow!



Step 5. Fill the wheelbarrow with toys, games, garden tools, some treats and a few furry friends! This transformed wooden storage crate will make the task of gathering up toys at the end of the day less of a chore, and the soft cushion will provide an extra place for a tiny stuffed friend to rest.


Build this fun wheelbarrow for, or with,  your favorite tiny person.….it will haul much more than toys and treats, it will hold magical memories that will never be forgotten.


Happy Spring to the Big and Small in us all!  



* Here are a few images of the stuffed wheelbarrow on Easter granddaughters excitement was such a joy to witness. Watching here put on her first pair of garden gloves, and wide-brimmed straw hat..... and when she pulled out the gardening tools, she was ready to go dig in the garden at that very moment....pajamas, pearls, and all!

This easy, wheelbarrow project, will carry memories forevermore, planting the love of gardening will last a lifetime!


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