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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

Easy Father's Day Project



Father’s days is fast approaching, take a little time and help a child create this useful plaque for their dad, grandpa, god father, favorite uncle or friend.  It is a simple materials list, and only a few hand tools are needed to put this father’s day gift together!


This materials list will provide enough supplies for 3 plaques!!

Start with a trip to your local Home Depot and pick up a few things:


Common board 1X8X6

5 Yard Sticks

Elmer’s wood glue

Wood stain (smallest can)

Paint brush

Sanding sponge

Jumbo cup hooks

Sharpie permanent marker


Before you leave The Home Depot go to the lumber department and have your board cut into 3 sections that measure 2 feet each, a lumber associate will be happy to help you with this service.


At home you will need a hand saw for the wooden yard sticks; I used my trusty miter box for the cuts! A miter box is a great tool to have on hand,  and it is perfect way for a child to be introduce to wood cutting with a hand saw…. it helps to keep things all lined up, also adds ease to precise measurements.



Step 1: Cut the yardstick into 2 foot sections; now lay the cut yard stick pieces on the pine board, and then measure and cut the smaller pieces of yard stick into approximately 4.25 inches for the inside side portion of the frame.*Note the pine board is not a true 8 inch wide so I found it was easier to just lay the yard stick piece in place and mark it to cut. Cut the side pieces the same by using the first one cut as the template for the second. Sand all the cut edges.



Step 2: Using a pencil lightly write the letters of words on the plaque, (this can be done free hand or use stencils if need be, but there is a certain charm is in an original child’s script, it does not have to be perfect) preview with a pencil just to get a sense of the size of the letters, and the limit of space to write within.



Step 3: Dry Brush Stain all the components, the  wooden parts of the board and yard stick frame. * Note: dip the brush in the stain lightly, remove all excess of stain with a paper towel, and test on back of board for darkness of stain on the brush, there should be very little color on the brush, the wood is raw so it will take on the slightest color, use quick brush strokes to just darken wood slightly…just enough to see the grain and give the wood a seasoned tone.



Step 4: Trace the penciled letters with the Sharpie marker.



Step 5: Attach the yardstick frame with wood glue, allow about a half hour for dry time.



Step 6: Screw the jumbo cup hooks into the bottom on the plaque at 4 in intervals, also screw two hooks into the top of the plaque for the ribbon holder, I set the top hooks in at 5 inches  from the edge.



Step 7: Tie a ribbon, or attach a chain to the top to hang the plaque.

This project is very easy to construct; with a little help and guidance any child is capable of putting it together. The staining step can be eliminated for a totally simple project, you be the judge.



Final step: Present the useful plaque to your favorite person; a person that measures way above and beyond everyone else!


Happy Father’s Day!!!  



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Posted 2016-05-24T14:07:36+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS