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Easy Plant Ledge

Adding plants and flowers to any space is an immediate visual improvement, I believe that adding plants and flowers to any space heightens the senses, and touches the soul.

Filling grand pots with beautiful flowers, planting up streamline window boxes and placing lush overflowing planters around the house and throughout the landscape is a practice that every gardener loves and longs to do. Finding the tiniest nook to place a flower pot, or creating a brand new space for plants and flowers to flourish is a goal that is always "on growing” with plant enthusiasts.

Create a plant ledge and add a new space for potted flowers, feathery ferns, and dripping ivy to call home. A plant ledge will not only fill a void where there was once no flowers or plant life; it will fuel the senses and feed the soul.  


Just a few simple materials and basic tools is all you need to build a plant ledge.

Tools: tape measure, drill and driver, paintbrush, sanding sponge

Materials: 2X10X8 pine board, (cut into desired length), paint, and exterior sealer, shelf brackets, screws


Step 1. Stop by your local Home Depot to pick up the materials, have the measurements ready and have the board custom cut by one of our skilled HD associates.

Step 2. Sand, smooth and clean the wood

Step 3.Paint wood, this is a white wash. Use acrylic paint with a splash of water to thin it so that the grain shows through. Allow time to dry.

Step 4. Seal the wood

Step 5. Attach the brackets and wood

Step 6. Plant up a few pots with pretty flowers, some ferns and maybe some ivy.

Step7.  Fill the ledge with the freshly planted pots of all sizes, add a little twinkle with a solar powered lantern!


Soothe the senses and please the soul, build a plant ledge add some life where there was once none, bring a sparkle to the evening light with a solar lantern…. it is all just sitting pretty!



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Posted 2018-07-19T14:49:34+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS