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Easy as a WINK: Control Your Home Using a Single App

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Do you ever wish that your house was automated? That you could touch the screen of your smartphone and your lights would come on?  Or while you are away from home you could set the thermostat so that the room temperature is just right when you get home? Well these and a lot more applications are now available to run your home with a product called Wink.


Wink is an application that is available for use with IOS or Android systems.   Some of you may have grown up with a cartoon called the Jetson’s. This was about a family of the future, where almost everything was automated. Well with Wink we are not far away from having most of our house fully automated as a smart home.


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The real beauty of this product is that you use your WiFi connection to communicate to the Wink compatible products. This allows you to place the Wink Hub around your house, no need for an Ethernet connection. Just imagine the products that you have to manually set or manually operate to work.


The Wink allows you to connect to your favorite products, and operate them with a tap on your smartphone. This allows you to access your homes products, such as lighting, thermostat, door locks, alarms, and operate them, as in turn them on or off, without being there. You can also share product access with other family members. So if a family member forgot their house key, and had access, they could unlock the door using their smartphone. If you did not share access, they could still call you and you can unlock the door from wherever you are.




There are two ways to use WINK. One is with WINK app. ready products and the other is WINK app. compatible products. The WINK app. ready products have the WINK technology built in it. The WINK app. compatible products use the WINK hub to connect to the WINK app. What you want to do is look for the two different types of WINK seals.


Take a look at some great products to help make your life easier and more comfortable while giving you piece of mind. The list is ever expanding, so if you don’t see an item now, check back in the future. For the items available from The Home Depot, check out



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