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Echo String Trimmer - Seeking a couple bits of advice.



I recently purchased the Echo SRM-225 String Trimmer from the 'Depot.  This is my first gas powered trimmer, and wanted to poll you experts for some information I have been unable to find in the owners manual or even various online sites and communities.


In the manual, Echo recommends removing the fuel from the tank when not in use.  Is this necessary after each and every use (I mow and trim every 7-10 days throughout the season), and if so, how is this best accomplished?


While searching for the answer to this question, I run across people discussing the actual storage of the unit between uses.  Some say to not hang the unit on the garage wall, while others say to hang it vertically, and still others say hang it horizontally.  Are these personal preferences, or will the way the machine is hung (or not hung) affect performance/longevity/ etc.? 


I've used the trimmer twice, and love it, by the way.  Much nicer than having to drag around that extension cord! :D


Thanks in advance for the help!




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Posted 2011-04-26T16:17:34+0000  by BigCase BigCase

Hi BigCase,


I'm Travis from The Home Depot in Atlanta. Welcome to the community!!


Congratulations on your purchase! I've had my Echo's for over a dozen years each! In that time I have seen what the change in our gasoline has done. Early on, my units were maintenance free. I put mixed fuel in and went to work. In the last few years I have had to replace the fuel lines much more frequently due to leaks.


Thankfully, Echo has a network of dealer service supporting their products. I can get the fuel lines for my 15 year old SRM-2100 over the counter.


Ethanol is the culprit. This alcohol breaks down rubber compounds that make up the fuel lines. By eliminating the fuel from the system, theoretically the fuel lines will not decay as quickly. The old school of thought was to leave fuel in, so that the fuel lines wouldn't dry out. Ethanol dries them out anyway.


Safety is always the first concern. The unit should be stored in such a way as to not allow the fuel lines to leak. Since the fuel lines are more likely to develop leaks these days, the way that they are stored is more important to consider. I hang my units so that the fuel level is below the lines coming from the tank.


I always recommend stabilizers to help with fuel storage. Even with the stabilizer, don't store gasoline for longer than 3 months. As the season changes, pour that gas into your vehicle before it goes bad and buy fresh gas. Repeat this process each season to avoid stale gas.


Enjoy your new Echo as I am my old ones!!




Posted 2011-04-26T18:54:45+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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