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Electric (Homeline 200 amp Load Center)

I know that the green screw is to bond the neutral to the box. On the bar behind my neutral there are 3 square holes. Is there supposed to be a round one to thread thru to get to the grey box?

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Posted 2011-01-01T19:59:37+0000  by wilson56r wilson56r

Hey wilson56r.


I have racked my brain trying to understand what we are looking at. I think what would be the best course of action would be to take pictures of the panel at give them to my electrician in your Home Depot store. Not seeing what we are dealing with is just setting us up for disaster. I would also suggest hiring a licensed electrician for this just to avoid any other complications.


Sorry I could not be more help. Thank you and welcome to the community.

Posted 2011-01-02T16:19:31+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

I too am trying to understand "green screw" in the main panel. 

1) There is the buss. Hot on flip flop

2) There is the neutral bar. your PG & E  bar.

3) There is your homes 2nd dary ground wire. Attached to the same bar. This shoul be 1/2" or 5/8" x 8'0"

Any green screws will come into play with Cable TV or ATT or phone service.



Neighborhood Handyman

Posted 2011-01-02T21:08:32+0000  by NeighborhoodHan
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