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Electrical Switch Question

I have a manufactured home and I'm trying to replace a light switch. When I took it apart, I found 3 sets of wires attached to the switch. What do I need and how do I go about re-connecting that switch?
Attached is the original wiring connection.  Thanks
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Posted 2016-05-27T16:33:01+0000  by RWV RWV
Hello RWV.  Welcome to the Community!

What your picture shows is a properly wired self-contained mobile home switch without it's cover.

The white, (neutral), and bare, (ground), leads are connected in the box so as to simply pass through.  The little brackets you see are push-in contacts that quickly connect the wires.  In a residential home these white wires would be wire nutted together, as would the bare wires.  The action happens with the black power wire, which is cut so that the switch cover can interrupt power, or connect it.  You can see where the black wire has been cut.  In a residential switch, only the power coming in, and power going out, (usually black), will be connected to the brass colored switch terminals.  Sometimes a ground is added to a green terminal if the switch box is not metal.

You have 2 choices.  Replacing the switch you have with a shallow residential box and a conventional switch will be easiest to procure, but somewhat harder to install.

Harder to find, but not impossible, will be a replacement just like what you have.  Installation will be a matter of simply copying what you see now with the new switch.  This switch is called a "self contained wall switch".  They come in either a toggle or rocker, (decor), style.  My store in Chicago does not carry them, as there are very few mobile homes here.  I don't see any on either, but I am sure that any electrical supply house nearby your area will have them.  Pass and Seymour still makes them, and probably others as well.  If you find a mobile home switch then that's all you will need for this fix.



Posted 2016-05-27T18:56:39+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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