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Epoxy Floor Covering

I'm looking for a Epoxy floor covering for my new plywood floor enclosed trailer.  Looking for Charcoal Grey in color, can we use the commenly offerrd grey and tint it down to my liking. If I need a primer base coat what would you recommend.  I will be applying decrotive chips and the job is 186 sq.ft.


So my questions are:


*Do you have a epoxy paint for my application

*Can it be tinted to Charcoal Grey or close anyway

*Will I require a primer, If yes is 1/2 gal. or pts. available

*Will paint accept my decrotive chips, this is a MUST.

*Job is 186 sq.ft.  With recomended paint would you suggest a second coat..

  If so, how much paint would I need to complete job.


Thank you in advance.

John L.

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Posted 2013-10-26T19:39:26+0000  by surdo surdo




For your application, epoxies in generally, and especially 2-part expoxy, is not the best product.  Epoxies dry to a hard, brittle surface well suited to concrete, but not to a soft substate like plywood. Further, as plywood ages, its grain tends to separate and open up more brittle epoxies and oil paints.


Better for your appplication would be to prime and then paint with a a couple coats of acrylic based porch and floor paint. The colored chips can still be spread over the surface of the final coat  of paint. It would then be advisable to clear coat the chips with a water based urethane spar varnish. Spar varnishes have a more flexible film than does regular urethane.


The desired trait here is flexibility of the paint film. It will be able strectch with the grain of the plywood. It will also be less likely to dent and make a break in the paint film when heavy items are dropped on the soft plywood  or dragged over it.


I too had an enclosed trailer for my work as a painting contractor. The floor was coated with acryhlic floor paint and lasted for many years.


Also, if the underside of that plywood floor is exposed to the road, make sure you get under there and paint the bottom surface. Exposure of the bottom side to road moisture will affect the longevity of the surface in the trailer.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-10-27T04:21:09+0000  by ordjen
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