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Evaporative cooler belt 030316-104MX

I am trying to get a Evaporative Cooler Belt number on belt is 030316-104 MX. I need to know what size I need I believe the size of cooler is 40In Depth and 28hHt Thank you
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Posted 2016-05-12T20:09:34+0000  by gefoster54 gefoster54

Hi Gefoster54, welcome to the community. I can work on getting you an answer if you can supply me with the make and model number of your evaporation cooler. If you can get back to me I will get you an answer.

Posted 2016-05-12T21:18:07+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
I don't have that information just the size of the Cooler 40 om nu 28 Hi is an old cooler but still in good condition. only thing we could get was the number on belt 030316-104MX and the motor 1/2HR
Posted 2016-05-12T21:26:44+0000  by gefoster54
If this is an ordinary V belt, then it's just a matter of identifying the size.  Some auto parts stores sell them, hardware stores, and tractor/farm type stores are all possible choices.  If you get lucky, they'll even have the tool to measure it's length.
Posted 2016-05-13T11:04:49+0000  by Adam444
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