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Install & Replace

Expansion Tank for hot water heater

Can someone tell me how to replace an expansion tank?  It doesn't look that difficult but don't want any surprises.  I know they are pre-pressurized and someone told me they have water in them. 



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Posted 2011-03-13T15:55:01+0000  by n2genesis n2genesis

They are threaded on. Unthread using two wrenches. Turn off water supply first and drain system to below level of tank. Tank will contain water , so be careful when removing. New tank will be charged with air. Will not contain water until you install it.

Posted 2011-03-13T16:54:51+0000  by bbblueyes

The expansion tank sets on top of the hot water heater; so I will have to drain some water out of the hot water heater tank.  Is that what you mean.

Posted 2011-03-13T17:05:02+0000  by n2genesis

Yes. Use the drain connection on bottom of tank designed for hose to hook up to. Leave faucets on in the house when you drain it. Not talking about draining the whole thing. Just the water in the house above the tank.

Posted 2011-03-13T17:14:09+0000  by bbblueyes
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