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Extended warranty on clearance

I want to purchase a extended warranty for a clearance wall oven in my local store. They don't seem to be sure that if I buy the warranty, if it should be based the original price or the clearance price of the oven. Also, is this day 1 protection or does it begin when the manufacturers warranty expires?
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Posted 2014-01-08T22:22:55+0000  by Rkolling99 Rkolling99

Hi Krolling99,


All new appliances are eligible for Home Depot Protection Plan coverage, clearance items included.


The cost of the plan is based on the price paid for the appliance, in your case the clearance price.


For example, if the appliance requires replacement under the extended warranty, and an equivalent model is not available, the warranty company would refund your purchase price, which in this instance would be the clearance price, as that is the price you paid for the appliance.


As far as coverage goes, our protection plan wraps around the manufacturers warranty. The manufacturer warrants the entire appliance for 1 year.


Our protection plan adds to the manufacturers warranty the following additional provisions during the first year.


(1) Power surge protection, if your appliance is damaged by a power surge, our plan will cover the repairs.


(2) No Lemon Policy, after three repairs for the same problem, our plan will replace your appliance if the same

     problem occurs a fourth time.


(3) Transferable two a second owner if you sell your home.


After the first year, our plan covers your entire appliance's functional parts and labor for the remaining 4 years.


If we can't fix it we will replace it!


You can return to your local Home Depot anytime within 90 days of purchase to add on the Home Depot Protection Plan.


It's excellent coverage and very reasonably priced.


Just take your receipt to the store and tell them you want to add the Home Depot Protection Plan to your purchase.


Thank You for Shopping at The Home Depot.





Posted 2014-01-09T20:44:02+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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