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Extension Downrod for a 52" Chateau Deville Hampton Bay

I have a 52" Chateau Deville Hampton Bay ceiling fan that I need to install in my vaulted ceiling. The ceiling fan comes with a 12" downrod, but I need a need a longer one because of the characteristics of this type of ceiling.

The ceiling fan box is approximately at a 45 angle with a distance of 13 1/2 feet from the floor. 


What length should be the downrod I need to use to install the ceiling fan in this type of ceiling? Would a 24" downrod be good enough for it?

I would really appreciate any help with this.


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Posted 2012-07-23T21:27:50+0000  by handyguy23 handyguy23

Hi handyguy23, welcome to the community and were glad you joined. Your right a 12 inch down rod is too short.


By the way, the fan you have chosen is beautiful.


You can use a 24 inch down rod, however I have a 24 inch down rod on my fan at home, and it’s in a stair well. This works best for me.  You can go longer as you stated you have 13 ½ feet from floor to ceiling.


The fan with your current down rod is approximately 25 inches. You should use a 36 inch down rod, this will give you the best air flow and a stylish look at the same time.  Hope this helps.

Posted 2012-07-23T22:03:38+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

I will try the 36" downrod then.

Will any of the extension downrods sold at the store work with this ceiling fan?


Posted 2012-07-23T22:13:04+0000  by handyguy23

All the down rods are interchangeable. You should see a good selection of them. Please let me know how this works out for you.

Please come back with other questions on any of your projects. Again were glad you joined.

Posted 2012-07-23T22:16:57+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

I tried installing the ceiling fan, and unfortunately the opening in the canopy that covers the mount is not wide enough to hold the downrod straight. Like I mentioned before, the ceiling is at a 45 degree angle and this mount seems to only support the downrod at a 35 degrees angle the most.


Looking for a ceiling mount adapter that would fit this ceiling fan I ran across the Hunter Vaulted Ceiling Mount (Model # 27980) sold in the Home Depot website. I have already tried other different mount adapters of this type on the ceiling fan, but none seemed to have a canopy big enough to accommodate the ceiling fan receiver inside.


Do you know whether this specific ceiling mount adapter has enough space to hold the ceiling fan receiver inside the canopy?






Posted 2012-08-15T03:34:05+0000  by handyguy23
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