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Extension Downrod for a 52" Chateau Deville Hampton Bay

I tried to install a 52" Chateau Deville Hampton Bay ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling, but unfortunately the opening in the canopy that covers the mount is not wide enough to hold the 3/4 downrod hanging straight down. The ceiling is at a 45 degree angle and this mount seems to only support ceiling fans angled at 30 or 35 degrees the most.


Looking for a ceiling mount adapter for a 45 degrees sloped ceiling, I ran across the Hunter Vaulted Ceiling Mount (Model # 27980) sold in the Home Depot website. I have already tried other mount adapters for sloped ceilings at a 45 degree angle, but none seemed to have a canopy big enough to accommodate the ceiling fan receiver inside.


Does anyone know whether this specific ceiling mount adapter has enough space to hold the ceiling fan receiver inside the canopy?



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Posted 2012-08-16T00:10:03+0000  by handyguy23 handyguy23

Hi, HandyGuy!


I just reached out to Steve at tech support for this fan. He advised about 95% of ceiling fan brackets are only meant to work with a max slope of 27-30 degrees.

Most customers have to build out a flat spot on the ceiling to install on this steep of an angle. The higher the angle degree, the higher risk the ball in the top of the bracket could slip out.


The manufacturer advised they would not be able to advise of a specific kit, except for one they make. It can only be ordered by placing a special order at your local Home Depot Special Services desk. They would need the following information: SO SKU 928-852, Part number A245-_ _ (BN for brushed nickel finish, or WH for white finish, depending on which finish your fan is).


I was not able to obtain the price for it, as the store associate must locate that in their system or by contacting the manufacturer direct for the price. Associates only are allowed to speak with this companies parts line (as company doesn't sell direct to customers, only via special order), but customers are welcome to call & speak with tech support line specifically. If needed to place order, have associate reach out to Lavery Madison parts line at 800-307-3267.


Thank you and good luck!

Posted 2012-08-16T17:49:02+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Hi handyguy.  Our home depot has vaulted ceiling mounts just for hanging fans at greater than 30degrees.  You can also get them on   angled ceiling fan kit.jpgI hope this helps.

Stukas.   I am a master trade specialist with the home depot.

Posted 2012-08-16T20:52:07+0000  by Stukas

Is SKU 928-852 the number for this model, or is it just an example you are giving me?

I looked in the ceiling fan motor and found a different one. 


This is some of the information I found on it:

Model: AC- 552MK719 (SKU#266- 848)

This SKU number is also shown as the model number in the manual.

I could not find the part number you refer to though.


I did see a UPC number, as well as a vendor number. 

Where am I supposed to look to find the part number? 


This is the ceiling fan information I found on the Home Depot website: Model # 34012. Internet # 202024855.

Thanks again!

Posted 2012-08-22T03:31:10+0000  by handyguy23
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