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Exterior Door Install with Wide Jam

First, thanks for reading this! Long time reader of this forum, first time member/poster. 


So I purchased this door from online as it fit my rough opening.


I got the big boy home without realizing until I put it next to my old door that I have close to an 11" door jam with a matching extended sill. The Jam is roughly 8 13/16 inch on the outside and about 2 inch on the inside. 


So my question is, after removing the brick mould on the new door can I also remove portions of the framing that are on the outside facing side of the weather stripping so I can reuse the old jam? I'd like to use the new door if I can, but I don't want to tear it apart to only find out I have to return it. If returning it is the only option, do I have to special order a door with the appropriate door jam width? Or at this point, would it be best to just give my friendly HomeDepot door guru the measurements of my slab, and just replace that? 


I checked out all fo the DIY videos, but none of them address jam widths.


Thanks again



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Posted 2012-11-29T17:21:41+0000  by jakestokes jakestokes

Hello jakestokes, and welcome back to the forum!


I'm a door & window specialist at the Home Depot in the Chicago area. The largest jamb we can special for you is 8-9/16" from Feather River. Based on the size you need I would recommend returning the door and special ordering a door that matches exactly the size you need, then your threshold will be extended as well, and you will have the benefit of a new weather seal.


You could just replace the slab door and have the store order it exactly as you wish, with the holes drilled, and the hinges routed. If you are replacing a wood door with another door door check to see if the edge is beveled or squared.  


Sometimes it doesn't make sense to try to fit a new door in an old frame, especially if the frame is the old style that doesn't have the compression weather-stripping. Depending where you are, your Home Depot may have certain vendors that can make a jamb quite large. Here in the Chicagoland area  there are some homes that have a 14" jamb, you could literally stand between the storm door & entry door with both doors closed. 



Posted 2012-11-29T19:32:14+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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