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Exterior Latex Paint Indoors

I would like to know if I can use exterior paint indoor

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Posted 2013-12-21T13:38:50+0000  by joujou joujou

Hey joujou,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the community!


Yes, you can use exterior rated latex paint indoors, you'll just need to make sure its the sheen you need for the application it is going on.


For example, you wouldn't want to put a flat paint on cabinets, but on a wall is fine. Be sure the surface you are covering will adhere to it properly, so using a primer would be something that is needed. Having a firm bond coat is just as important as the final top coat you choose.

Color Changing

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Posted 2013-12-21T15:39:54+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Whereas you certainly CAN use exterior paint in an interior application, the question is SHOULD you. It is interesting to note that of all the Behr paints, only the High Gloss is rated as both interior and exterior.


Paints are formulated for their environment. Exterior paints have to deal with extremes of temperatures, humidity, direct sun and rain. To this end, the chemists design them to be far more elastic to be able to move with the substrate they are upon.


Exterior paints  are often in humid environments which encourage mildew and algae, thus they contain significant amounts of chemicals to protect against them, or at least the good housepaints do. Most interior housepaints contain little or no mildecides, other than those paints that are likely to be used in baths and other high humidity areas.


Interior paints are generally harder and more washable and don't have nerely as much of that "gummy" feeling as do the exterior paints. Interior paints also generally flow and level out better.


Many exterior paints will have stronger, more lingering odors than interior paints. The chemists don't have to concern themselves too much with the odor of exterior paints Some exterior paints are actually fortified with oil resins.


These are all generalizations about interior/exterior paints. Further, they don't neccessarily all apply to Behr paints. However, suffice it to say, this lifelong painting contractor believes in using paints where they are designed to be used. Will the world come to an end if they are mis-applied? Probably not, but you will not be getting the optimum paint job.

Posted 2013-12-22T05:16:10+0000  by ordjen
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