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Exterior Wall Cracks

Hi All,



I'm trying to find a repair/patch up solution for the cracks in my exterior brick walls.


Here are some pictures on this link


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Posted 2012-07-01T22:35:12+0000  by mobajwa mobajwa

Hello Muhammad and thank you for joining.


Looking at the pictures it appears to me that this is an exterior fence wall? 


Also cracks shown in the pictures seem to be a direct result of the expansion and contraction of the structure. I don’t think these cracks are the result of the ground settling- wall still seems to be leveled and if these were settling cracks they would crack diagonally into the brick steps.


Brick walls move horizontally and vertically due to temperature changes and moisture content -especially for the first two years of its construction.


Is this a newly constructed wall?


Normally with the extended wall assemblies such is yours a control joints are places strategically to relive the stress caused by movement.


Control joints are a continuous vertical joints filled with mortar on one side and a bond breaker (elastomeric sealant) on the other side of the wall. In your case you would fill both exposed sides.


In my opinion, best approach with this repair would be to replace the cracked bricks and cut the control joints where cracks have already occurred and at regular intervals along the entire wall.


An experienced mason should be able to easily replace the cracked bricks. The only challenge you may face is matching an existing brick in which case you always have an option of lowering your wall ,for one course, and reusing the same brick.

You also have an option of filling the existing cracks with sealant only. However, esthetically, that is not going to look pleasing.

Mortar repair is out of the question –it is only going to last so long and make things messy. Once the face of the brick it’s mortared it is basically ruined.


Hope this helps.



Posted 2012-07-02T17:19:46+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Hi Nikola,


As far as it being a newly constructed wall, we have been in the house for 2 years now and this crack has always been there.


For now I am looking for a quick fix in the form of an off the shelf product. The intent is to fill these cracks before the rainy season, so water does not cause further moisture in the wall.


Any ideas ?




Posted 2012-07-08T05:31:31+0000  by mobajwa

You are most welcome.


As for right now this product will temporarily take care of the further water intrusion;




mortar fix..jpg

Click on the image to get redirected to the product on ,also this product is readily available in stores as well.


Hope this helps.



Posted 2012-07-09T18:25:33+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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