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Changing a exterior door have a rough opening of 37 5/8 by 80 3/4 what prehung door can I used 34x80 or 36x80, thanks
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Posted 2016-04-17T22:20:02+0000  by Alex56 Alex56

Hello Alex56 and welcome to the Community.


There are many options to consider when choosing an entry door.  What type of material, style glass, and purpose are some examples beyond size alone.


Your rough opening height for an entry door is not a very standard size.  To take into consideration for a threshold the standard rough opening height is between 81.75” to 82.75” for most doors. 


I would double check your measurements and make sure you check how square your opening is.  To find the accurate measurement of the rough opening it is best to remove the casing (interior trim) to see.  Also you must consider the finished floor height. Here is an illustration on how to measure for a prehung entry door and a video as to how to install a prehung entry door.


If you are not sure you are measuring correctly, the millwork associate can set up a measure by professional installer.


It may be possible to fit a 36” wide door into your rough opening depending on the brand and how square your opening is but very few run that narrow.  The stand rough opening width is 2 ¼” large than the slab, so a 36” door size would equal 38 ¼” rough opening.


To find the best option for your replacement door, I would suggest you visit the millwork department at your local Home Depot.  The expert there will be able to show you any possible ready-made door available in your area, to fit your space or quote you on a custom door.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2016-04-19T14:24:25+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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