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Exterior pre hung door install

I have brick returns to deal with on an exterior door replacement job.  I have looked at the pre-hung doors at the home centers and they all have attached brick moulding that makes the doors a little wide.  Can you remove the brick molding easily from the stock doors that you find in home centers, rip them down and reinstall or do I need to order a special made door without the brick moulding and do the trim work myself?


Thanks for any help.

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Posted 2011-08-31T18:29:34+0000  by tksly92 tksly92



Welcome to one of our newest members of the community! My name is Tom, known here as HD116. Although the manufacturers that we carry may vary by region, in my area (Southeastern U.S.) the brick molds are easily removed and reinstalled. I have had experience with brick homes and openings, and when hanging a pre hung door, understand that it is easier in many cases to remove the brickmold, recut and apply it reducing the reveal to accommodate the rough opening.


Occasionally we will get in a door that was treated a little rough in shipping and will reattach the brickmold in order to have it have a good appearance for sale. We also offer that the brickmold be shipped separately on special orders as well as offer brickmold and jambs in no rot vinyl. Simply check with the millwork department of your local store to confirm that the factory-applied brickmold is as easily removed and replaced.



Posted 2011-08-31T18:47:19+0000  by HD116

Taking the brick mold off is a piece of cake. Lay the door on the jamb and tap the back of the brick mold  with a hammer till you separate the brick from the jamb, then you can remove it with the claw of the hammer or a pry bar if you have one

Posted 2011-08-31T18:54:53+0000  by JCCUSTHOMIMP

Hello JCCUSTHOMIMP, and welcome to the community! We are glad to have you join the forum.


Thank you for your help on this question.

Please keep us updated on your projects and feel free to join in helping others.


Again, thanks for joining the community, Newf.

Posted 2011-09-02T13:35:17+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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