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I'm converting a 200 sq ft bedroom in the basement into a large closet to hang winter clothes and heavy jackets. I was thinking of using heavy duty rods and screwing heavy duty brackets into the studs. The longest wall is 16' long, so I was planning on using 2x6' rods and the other wall is about 12.5' long, so I'll probably just use an 8' rod. 

Is it ok to just screw the brackets into the studs? I was thinking that I would use 2 brackets for each of the 6 footers and 3 brackets for the 8 footer. 

Thanks in advance,
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Posted 2016-04-21T20:13:44+0000  by jimmy412 jimmy412
Hi jimmy412,

Your project is very similar to many other storage questions ... the answer is determined by the load you intend to support.

In my experience, when I've placed a light-duty support system into play, someone else follows me by placing a heavy-duty load onto the support system.

In addition, I really like that you intend to attach the supports into the studs.

Studs are commonly place "sixteen-inches on center."

Based upon my historic experience, I usually place a support on at least every other wall stud.

This means one support bracket every thirty-two inches.

If you think there is a possibility of overloading the supports, you can always opt for one support every sixteen inches.

Anticipating the actions of others may be as important to your design as installing the supports directly to the studs.

Ensure the hangers are approximately the same height above the floor by measuring and marking the height.

I prefer the hangers be at an easy-to-reach level for commonly used items ... built to make your work easier.

If I need more storage, a second row can be installed above the first.

And of course, you might also use a level while installing to ensure that your rods carry the load evenly.

I like two and one-half inch galvanized pan head screws if installing over wallboard, or two-inch galvanized pan head screws if installing directly into the studs.

Hope this helps,

Pat InPaint

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Posted 2016-04-21T21:00:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Yes, it definitely helps.  It's supposed to rain on Friday, so it looks like I'll be installing the rods then.
Thanks Pat!
Posted 2016-04-26T23:03:08+0000  by jimmy412
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