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Extra paint-tint to darker color

I have approx. 1/2 of 5 gallon tub of extra paint I thought I'd use but haven't in a year. I'd like to add color to make it darker for a bathroom. I understand the quantity will throw off the formula but can I try to make a new color? Basically a light gray to a mushroom color.
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Posted 2016-02-12T21:17:32+0000  by JAH JAH
When re-tinting paint the first thing to consider is the original "base" which will range from white to base 4.  Basically the lighter (or more white) the original base the more difficult it becomes to tint it darker and at some point it will only get so "dark" because you can't add enough pigment to overcome the white without having a negative effect on the performance of the paint.  Assuming the original base will tint as dark as you would like it to, then it really becomes a trail and error process because there is no formula. 

Your best bet is to bring the bucket in and get some advice from the folks in the paint department of your local Home Depot.  If you are absolutely set on a color or it needs to match something, then you'd be far better off just buying new paint for your bathroom.
Posted 2016-02-13T10:30:30+0000  by Adam444

At The Paint Pit (paint desk at Home Depot) we adjust colors every day.

Changing from a light gray to a mushroom color doesn't sound like a very big jump.

However, I tend to agree with Adam ... your local Paint Associate can help you determine if the color can be adjusted.

If your paint was originally sold at The Home Depot, we most often will simply try.

The fact that you're jumping across colors and tint bases will all come into play.

But with your understanding that the color may not work exactly as you expect, we will most often try.

Bathrooms typically require no more than one gallon.

Simply choosing the exact color you want may be easier.
Posted 2016-02-17T18:59:18+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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