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Fall Leaf Collection


Fall Leaf Collection



   As the leaves turn color this fall it is only a matter of time before we will have to remove them from our garages, gutters, driveways and yards. Some of the power equipment that we already have around the house can help make this daunting task more manageable. Some tools have specific purpose while others are multitaskers.








Bagging lawnmowers will vacuum the grass and leaves from your lawn. Be sure to protect your mower's blades from debris such as sticks and pine cones by removing those before you mow. A Nifty-Nabber or Pik Stik can make quick work of this chore.




A blower will help to blow the leaves off of the driveway and patio and onto the yard for collection with the mower. If the mower can't reach into the flowerbeds, a blower-vac can clean those areas with ease. A blower-vac can reduce the volume of the leaves by as much as 16:1!  These are available in electric and gas powered units.


 ultra toro.jpg


The blowers can aid in gutter clean out as well. Another gutter cleaning tool at The Home Depot is an accessory for your pressure washer.  This cleans the gutter in two directions at once and not onto you! PWGutter-Cleaner.jpg PWExtension.jpg


An extension wand can help you reach gutters as high as 24'.


These multi-tasking tools will make fall cleanup a breeze!







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