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I'm replacing a fan that requires an angle mount and a down rod. Do I have to buy a specific fan that comes with these two things or am I able to purchase any fan and then buy the mount and rod separately? Is it possible to just use the angle mount and down rod from the old fan?
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Posted 2016-04-18T01:17:57+0000  by Ash80 Ash80

Hello Ash80,

I recommend having a look at fans that are actually recommended for angle mount. You will need to purchase a newer down rod if the diameter of the blades is different from your old fan or if there is a difference in the design of the mounting hardware. The benefit of buying a fan set up with slope ceiling mounting in mind is that the documentation included will give you the best information for the install. I've included a link to the Angle Mount Ceiling Fans we carry here. When looking through options keep in mind that not every fan supports the same range of ceiling slopes. The range a particular fan supports can be found in the install PDF included on each product page. I hope this helps.



Posted 2016-04-18T14:00:27+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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