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Fan remote control

I have a Hampton Bay fan with remote that worked fine until the remote quit functioning. The battery is good. The red led on the remote lights when I press any button, but the fan doesn't respond. The fan is running, but I cannot change speed or control the light. What can I do?
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Posted 2011-11-21T21:13:57+0000  by Bross Bross

Hi, Bross.

Thanks for reaching out.

It sounds like your receiver, since the LED on the remote is blinking when you press the buttons.

In order to try an order these part, I have to ID your fan, then contact the parts department that holds them for this particular fan.

I would need you to take the product information off the stick on the top/side of the motor housing. You can peel it off, it’s a silver/gold color, and the UPC (12 numbers, NO letters) from that sticker will tell me everything I need to know.

If you can find that reply back with the numbers on it so I can help. If you do not find that sticker, you can take a picture of the fan fully put together, and I can attempt to ID the fan by that, but that can be trickier. Sticker UPC is best.

Please email this to me at so we can get this resolved.

- Thanks, Nicki

Posted 2011-11-21T22:38:06+0000  by THDCustomerCare

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