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Fans run slow in reverse - Model AC5520D



There are three fans in my downstairs storage area.  A year ago one of them started turning slowly in reverse when I set them to HI with the remote.  2 days ago, a second fan started doing the same.  I've found that by setting the forward-reverse switch to the reverse position, they will turn the right direction (counter-clockwise, air blowing down), but only slowly and (usually at all) only when set to HI.


Information from the motor housing tags:


Date: 0296

SN: 001280B, 001195B

Vendor #: 11288

Model: AC5520D

(SkU# 390-047)"KK"

MFGR No. 5A00007


Thanks for any help you can give me.


Brian Stewart

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Posted 2011-08-21T10:28:09+0000  by briandstewart briandstewart

Hello Brian,


Welcome to the community.


First can I say thank you so much for all of the information from the motor label. That is a great help when we are trying to troubleshoot an issue. I think your the first one to have it in your post. 


I called the Hampton Bay Customer Service team and they said that it would be best for you to call them directly to go over the proper steps to fix your fans. They pulled up your fans information off of the SKU and Vendor# so make sure that you have this information when you call them. Here is the contact information for Hampton Bay Customer Service.


Please let me know if you have any other questions. I would be interested on the outcome of your issue so if you get a chance please post a follow up post.


Thanks again for joining the community.

Posted 2011-08-24T20:56:05+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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