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Faucet Replacement

I am looking to update a small half bath, which will include replacing all hardware.  My concern is going about replacing the sink faucet, particularily how to remove and replace the plug to match the new faucet.

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Posted 2010-11-01T20:24:54+0000  by davey davey

Hello Davey, This is Mike with The Home Depot in California.

 Welcome to our new community. Let’s get started.


To replace the faucet, you must first turn off the hot and cold water valves; they are directly under the sink.  Next, disconnect the supply lines, from the faucet and the valves. You will then need to remove the linkage that connects the stopper to the drain lever at the center of the faucet. This is the lever that opens and closes the drain.


Next you will have to reach back under the sink bowl and remove the nuts retaining the faucet. There is usually one on each side.  At this point the faucet should be loose and free to remove. Installing the new faucet is basically the reverse of the removal process.  The instructions are included with the new faucet.


The plug is called a pop up assembly. It’s called this, because the center pops up to drain the water. Most major brand bath faucets include a new pop up in the box. To replace the pop up, first disconnect the drain.  Next remove the nut at the top of the pop up assembly; this is right at the base of the sink on the underside.  The pop up is in two pieces, a top and a bottom.  The top is the part you see in the bowl. The bottom half screws into it from below.  Unscrew the bottom portion, and then remove the top part from the bowl.


To install the new pop up, take the top portion and place a bead of plumbers putty around the inside edge. Place the top portion into the bowl, and press it in all the way. The plumbers putty will squeeze out from around it.  Then screw in the bottom portion and tighten the nut. Next attach the linkage to the lever on the pop up. (This is the linkage that attaches to the drain lever at the center of the faucet). 

Finally ,reattach the drain and check for leaks.


I hope this answers your question.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

Posted 2010-11-01T23:39:44+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

You may want to consider an American Standard bath faucet - you do not need plummers putty and there is no complicated linkage - Our Speed Connect system uses a cable that easily screws into the drain, never needs adjusting either - saves time and headaches!

Posted 2010-11-30T19:59:02+0000  by gerrym

Hey Davey, Home Depot has a project guide page you can use for the project. You can find it here.


I've used it and it's pretty straight forward to pull any faucet out. The most important step is... turn off the water. HAHA. 

turn off.jpg

Posted 2011-01-23T14:13:00+0000  by ThatGuy
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