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Faucet supply line leaking after installing under-sink filter

I just finished installing an under-sink filter, and it seems that the faucet supply line (faucet connector?) is leaking at the spot where the threaded connector is crimped onto the hose.  Is there a way to fix this without installing a new line or should I replace the whole supply line?  I know how to remove the end from the faucet, does the end connected to the pipe unscrew also or is it removed differently?  Thanks!
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Posted 2016-01-26T03:33:28+0000  by yippeekiyay84 yippeekiyay84
Hello Dan.  Welcome to the Community!

Faucet supply lines have screw-in fittings on both the faucet side as well as the stop valve side.  If the crimped part of that line is leaking, there is no fix other than replacing the supply line itself.

If you are using flexible lines, no teflon tape or pipe dope is needed or desired when hooking up the lines, as there are rubber washers inset on both ends that actually perform the sealing function, (kind of like a garden hose works).

So the replacement is a rather simple process of unscrewing both ends of the old line and removing it.  Screw on both ends of the new line and gently tighten to set the washers.


Posted 2016-01-26T13:51:54+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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