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Faux Column Repair

We bought a home that had an addition built on and evidentally when the home was vacant (prior to our purchase) there were leaks that we were unaware of until recently.  We had the roof repaired completely when we moved in but only recently found the damage to one of the faux columns.  Not sure how to go about repairing this.  Any ideas on how to approach this project would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


Repair Faux Column.jpg



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Posted 2012-10-26T19:52:21+0000  by Macky Macky

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If the water leak has been corrected and there is no longer any moisture passing through that column then fixing the ruined surface can begin.


You may want to remove the rotted sections before moving forward (those areas that are raised). Make sure there aren’t any pipes or electrical wires hidden inside the column before cutting. 


Cut the sections out with a small saw - being careful to only cut what is necessary while allowing some structure to remain.




You will want to wrap the column with a thin sheet of 1/8 inch fiberboard (sold in 4x8 sheets). Cut the sections out so that the two ends meet (on the back side of the column).


Using the fiber board – nail the joints with a finishing nail gun and caulk the seam.


Another possibility would be to completely remove the outer covering of the column and build a square version with base and crown molding.  This way you completely eliminate all possible trace elements of any mold or mildew inside the existing column.   


 column post.jpg


Please let us know if you have any more questions concerning your project.

Posted 2012-10-28T16:49:24+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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