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Faux Finish Trim and Cabinets

Hello The Home Depot Community,


It's FAUX FINISH DAY in the Paint Department!


I recently had the opportunity to assist a young lady whose online handle is "forensicmom." She is from Maryland and asked for help extending the useful life of her kitchen cabinets. In particular, she asked for help using faux finishing techniques and wanted to know the steps involved.


Her goal was to extend the useful life of her cabinets for about five-years until she can replace them.


Click the link to view a two-minute video we created to assist her.


I am asked this question regularly, so I am posting the video to help the rest of our community.


After reviewing the general technique, please read through the thread and join the conversation if you have specific questions about a project you would like to faux.


 "How To" faux wood grain is demonstrated in this video.

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Posted 2010-10-26T14:41:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL

what all do i need to buy to do my cabinets like that? thanks jami hamby

Posted 2011-05-02T00:29:34+0000  by hamby1075

Hey Jami!


I'm excited that you're following this thread and considering fauxing you cabinets.


The products and steps are included in the video at the top of the thread.


I'll write a list here, but go back and review the video to hear and see the process.


Products List:

Oil-based primer - Zinsser Cover Stain

Water-based basecoat (paint) - Behr or Glidden in Satin or Semi-gloss finish

Faux Glaze - Four-parts Behr Glaze mixed with One-part Paint in the accent color of your choice

Throw-away brushes

Cheese Cloth

Drop cloth

Painter's Tape


These provisions will get you started. Allow the primer to dry, apply your basecoat and dry 4-6 hours, and finish by applying glaze and then removing the excess before it dries (about 20-25 minutes).


I always recommend testing your technique on a remnant piece of trim.


Please come back are share your creativity by posting photos of your finished cabinets.

Posted 2011-05-03T15:09:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

great information! I have been looking at options including the Cabinet Transformations product, but have to ask this! I have whitewashed/ light pickled (not exactly) cabinets with real wood doors but the ends appear to be the printed paper (laminate?). They are, however, in excellent condition, just hate the color. Is it possible to just use a chocolate tinted Behr Glaze over the existing finish? I started to do this, but became afraid of the result! :smileywink:   Also, I think the Behr Glaze is water based? Do I have HD tint the paint with the 4:1 mix or just buy it and blend at home? Thank you!!

Posted 2011-06-23T02:36:46+0000  by MarilynH

Hello Marilyn!


I'm PatInPaint and I appreciate your positive feedback about the information we've shared in this thread.


Thank you for joining us on the Community.


I've made this video to show you our current glazes and how simple they are to mix with our half-pint samples from Behr and Glidden and metallic paints ... currently from Ralph Lauren.


In the video you will notice a can of Ralph Lauren Faux Glaze ... that product is tintable. Our Behr glaze is mixed with paint.


Have a look: Using tools found in nature for Faux Technique



So, it is frequently the case that glaze is used over an existing finish.


My concern for the project you described is that the base color of the side panels appears to be different than the cabinets and doors. Because glaze dries translucent, the underlying colors will show thru even if you apply the glaze heavily.


On those side panels you will need to have your Paint Associate match the color of the doors, then use oil-based primer to seal the panels, and paint the matched color over the primer. The result should be side panels that have a base color similar to the existing color on the cabinet doors.


When glazed, the side panels should look similar to the glazed doors ... instead of the "printed paper" on those panels showing thru the glaze.


Outstanding idea Marilyn!


Revitalize the cabinets using glaze over the existing finish ... with one extra step to make the side panels similar to the rest of the cabinet before you glaze.

Posted 2011-06-23T15:35:43+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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