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February Do-It-Herself Workshop – Installing Crown Molding

February Do-It-Herself Workshop – Installing Crown Molding


I would like to invite all of you DIYer’s to our next Do-It-Herself Workshop.


The objective this month is to show all of you just how easy it is to install crown molding. Come by your local Home Depot on Thursday February 16th at 6:30 pm – 8 pm and let one of our Associates show you just how easy it is to install crown molding.


Crown molding 3.jpg  Crown molding 2.jpg

                                  Before                                                                     After  


You will learn how to:

  • Select the most appropriate molding for your project 
  • Measure the room and plan the molding and other molding projects
  • Select the right tools and materials for the project
  • Accurately cut and install crown molding


When:  Thursday - February 16th  at  6:30-8pm


This one DIY project will not only transform a drab looking room into a fabulous looking room but it will also increase the value of your home.


So get off that big comfy couch and take some measurement of the room that you want to transform and then join us for the workshop. With measurement in hand you can get all of your supplies on the same trip.


Take some before and after pictures and post them here on the community. We love seeing everybody’s projects come together.


Enjoy your project and I can’t wait to see your pictures.




“You can’t do it if you don’t try. BELIEVE in yourself.”

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Posted 2012-02-15T21:13:51+0000  by Christine_HD_OC Christine_HD_OC

Hey there samandrose,


As of right now, we don't currently have dates set for another Do-It-Herself Crown Moudling Class. It's good to know you'd be interested in having one though, so I hope to see you soon at some of our other workshops in the meantime.


To stay appraised of our upcoming workshops, be sure to keep an eye out on our workshop page

Posted 2013-02-28T15:18:42+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Projected steps looks easy to make. Want to learn more about it.

Posted 2013-03-05T18:22:22+0000  by belmanliving

I can't believe I missed this workshop again!

Posted 2013-03-31T23:48:42+0000  by junio_59

Hi there junio_59, 


Thanks for joining our community!~


If it makes you feel any better, this post is from February of 2012, so we did not have this workshop this year. Our Do-It-Herself project was a Decorative Tile Mirror that month.


Stay tuned for more info on upcoming workshops that will be dealing with Crown Moulding. At the moment, we don't have any planned out for April or May, as we'll be focusing more on Outdoor Gardening projects.


Feel free to stop by your local Home Depot store and partner with a Millwork Specialist who can help walk you through your project, or post up your questions online here and we'd be more than happy to help out!~ = )

Posted 2013-04-05T20:26:04+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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