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February Kids Workshop: Valentines Post Box



The Kids Workshop for the month of February was well attend, like the postman’s creed:


 “Neither snow, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from their appointed round”,  the children and parents of the Home Depots, Kids Workshops are loyal and dedicated to the project at hand. 





The weather outside was crisp and cold; Boston had a snowstorm the day before and school was cancelled, these parent and children were anxious to get out and to the workshop, despite the laborious task of digging out!



John, our steadfast Kids Workshop instructor was ready and equipped to deal with all of the housebound escapees and the energy they bring to our store. Month after month John sets up the workshop and welcomes the families to our training room where he unveils the monthly project.




How appropriate that February's project is a St. Valentine ’s Day post box, the kids were thrilled! We all thought that the attendance would be down because of the weather, but it was to the other extreme… the postmen parents delivered their kids to the workshop!





I have to say the “Dads” had it this month, it just seemed like there were more fathers in class than moms; and I don’t know if it was the whole Valentine’s Day theme but you could really feel the love and devotion in the room.






One very loyal dad that doesn’t miss a workshop with his son has now started to bring his little sister to the workshops, the dad also totes along a step stool for his daughter to stand on while she works on projects  so  she has better leverage….talk about tools for success, loyalty and love




Sisters, who were also brought by their dad, have been coming to the workshop for years, they have filled their aprons with pins, and have out grown the tiny apron size, “we build while our dad shops now” one of the girls told me, they are big enough to complete the projects on their own now, and I could tell they still love coming every month.


Maybe the reason so many dads bring the kids to the workshop is because; that when the kids get home they can give their freshly made projects to their moms?  No matter what the reason is….. There were a lot of very, very sweet hearts at the West Roxbury, Home Depot on Saturday making post boxes for their very special Valentine!



I must say that the dedication of John, our Kids Workshop ambassador and instructor is unmistakable, and it is evident on every child’s face that enters that room.  The kids are all so happy to see John, he has watched them grow up, and he knows their names, their sibling’s names…. and their parents, he knows them all!


John is ready for the families every month, just like the postman that he once was, he always delivers, and of all the hearts in that were in that workshop I think his is the biggest of all! 



Happy Valentine’s Day, Maureen

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Posted 2016-02-09T16:52:44+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS