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Fire Pit

I was planning to put a 3 foot (inner diameter) fire pit in my back yard using Pavestone 12 inch retaining wall blocks (was told these would be an acceptable block to use).  I was hoping to have the blocks flush against each other (I would have some gaps for air to enter the fire) and realized I would probably have to cut some of the blocks.  Is there a template available or way to know how many blocks to cut and at what angle?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Posted 2012-10-16T16:55:24+0000  by patrickrules247 patrickrules247

Greetings Patrickrules and welcome back to the Community!!!


When it comes to putting in a fire pit, you need to make sure to use the right blocks so they do NOT crack from the heat of the fire.  By inserting a metal liner inside of the pit, it will allow you to use a wide variety of blocks.  When it comes to using retaining wall there are a few things you will need to do to the block to help it sit flush.  You will need to cut the lip off of every retaining wall block to achieve the flush look.


By using a flat square stone it will open the possibilitys of design up greatly.  I have a few examples of things you can build.  These are all simple designs made with RumbleStone blocks.  All it takes is the layout of your choice, and some heavy duty liquid nails to complete this project.  It will cut down on having to cut the blocks.  You will also need to add a fire ring in the center to prevent direct flames on the block.  These come in many styles and shapes!!


Check with your local home depot to see what types of Rumblestones they carry.  There are a few colors to choose from.  These stones can also be ordered online or directly from the store.  If you run into any problems or have any questions feel free to write back!!!



Posted 2012-10-16T20:11:33+0000  by FlyingHDsod
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