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Fireplace surround, mortar or cement?

I am gutting a large room in my house and drywalling it.  It has a large stone fireplace with very jagged edges.  

The left side seems to have either cement or mortar as a buffer between it and the wall, 

the right side is still jagged.  

I would like to replicate the right the buffering on the right side so I dont have to scribe the drywall.

 My questions are:

1. Is the left side buffer mortar or cement? Is there any way of knowing from the picture?
2. Can I just add a 2x4 on the right side and use mortar and a mortar bag to replicate the left side?

Thanks in advance!
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Posted 2017-01-15T03:33:13+0000  by Skeletor11 Skeletor11
Hey Skeletor11.

I have a fireplace just like this one and it is framed in with 1X4's. That is a mason Mix like you will find with the Mason Mix Type S Mortar by Quikrete. Just frame in the one side with a 1X2 or 1X4 and fill in the empty holes. Yes a grout bag would work well for filling in the holes.

Posted 2017-01-15T17:32:48+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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