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First time DIY-er and Im needing some help.

Im wanting to repaint the walls in my living area while my parents are away on vacation, just to spruce up the place a bit. The problem is that I am very new at this DIY thing, but I want to do something nice for them. I am unaware of what kind of paint to use. I tried to look at the types of paint that there is and just got baffled. The walls are white now, but that paint has been on for years so its real dingy looking. When you try to wipe them down, the paint comes off on the sponge/rag. I see words like matte, satin, and semigloss, and realize that this is a little harder picking out paint than I thought it would be. Could anyone help me and let me know what kind of paint would work on these walls without coming off when wiping them down. Ive got a 3 year old nephew that comes by alot, so wiping the walls down is important. Thanks so much in advance.

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Posted 2013-05-17T23:19:54+0000  by NicoleElaine NicoleElaine

Hello Nicole Elaine,


Welcome to the site!:smileyhappy:

I can relate! I have 3 dogs who are permanent children and I have to have a washable wall.

Older paint used to be matte, and pretty hard to clean. If you can afford it using a water-based primer to make sure the old paint is sealed off, then use a semigloss for your walls. Even though the newer paints are washable, its easier to clean. One thing to remember, only use soap and water to clean the walls or check with your paint department to see what cleaner you need to use so the new paint won't come off. I loved to use all kinds of cleaners on my walls, and they destroyed the paint. I just use soap now and it works as well on the semigloss as well  as any of the cleaners ever did.


 Be sure to use plastic on the floor to make sure the paint stays on the wall, and blue painting tape for around windows and switches.


Hope this helps,

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Posted 2013-05-17T23:49:01+0000  by Gail_HD_OC

Thank you so much! That helps out a lot! :D  I appreciate that. 

Posted 2013-05-17T23:53:09+0000  by NicoleElaine

Hello NicoleElaine!


We recently made this video to make it easier to understand and select sheens:


Take time to review the video and then ask your Paint Associate for help selecting a color for your decor.


Photos of your room with are a great help to our associates.


They will also show you the starter tray kit that includes everything except drop cloths.



I put this video together for another community member, Shanika, who wanted help painting walls:


After collecting supplies, have several cups of coffee, turn your favorite music up loud, and have fun with your new color!

Posted 2014-09-04T20:42:10+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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