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trying to tile our small bathroom. i ripped up the linoleum. turns out the floorboards are warped in some places and the whole floor isn't even. what to do? Can i just put in a cement backerboard and that will make things flat or more work is required?
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Posted 2017-08-13T18:13:40+0000  by jd26 jd26
Flatness is one of the keys to a good tile job because if the substrate isn't flat it creates a problem called "lippage".  Lippage is when tile is at a different elevation than the the tile next to it.  Unfortunately too, the larger the tile the flatter the floor needs to be.

You would need to figure out why the current subfloor isn't flat and then correct the situation.  If the subfloor is made up of individual boards, you might be able to screw down the boards (use deck or gold construction screws about 2" long) and see if that helps.  You may also have to remove the old subfloor and replace it with plywood or OSB.  Just putting backer board over an uneven subfloor won't fix the problem. 
Posted 2017-08-14T08:48:28+0000  by Adam444
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