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Fix 4" pipe crack at the connectors , how can I repair this

I noticed I have a crack at my house drain pipe connector and the plastic pipe connecting house pipes. Is there and thing I can use to fix this, I'm not trying to replace any pipes . 
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Posted 2016-05-14T13:10:10+0000  by Los76 Los76
While you may not want to, usually replacing the damaged pipe is the best way to make a repair.  Without seeing what your sewer lines look like it's hard to say exactly what you need to do but generally the bad sections of pipe are cut out and flexible rubber couplings are used to connect the replacement piece to existing pipes.

If you want to attempt a repair there are any number of products on the market and which one is going to be a function of the extent of the damage you have.  A cracked pipe can be repaired with a "wrap" which is basically some kind of glue/epoxy impregnated fiberglass or nylon material that is used to cover the repair.  I'd check with the plumbing associate at your local Home Depot to see what options are available.  Take a few pictures of the damage and bring them with you to the store.
Posted 2016-05-15T09:22:05+0000  by Adam444
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