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Hi there!

I had a recent message that I thought I would like to share with everyone on the community.


Fellow member ileiana states:


I saw you had many posts and sugguestions on different questions.


I have a broken bed frame. It is this link > 


The side rails have a supporting beam to place hortizontal boards. The boards and the side beam connected to the side rail broke. Do you have any sugguestions as to HOW to rebuild it. If you need photos I will be able to send them.


I ended up removing the side beams and board laid on it. I now have a box spring and mattress ON THE FLOOR, but surrounded by the actual bed frame. Are you able to help? I am checking out home depot for all my supplies. Bolts/nuts/wood etc.


Thanks Alot!

Greetings from Jersey :smileyhappy:


Hey ileiana, thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Thank you for putting in the link, it gives us a better look to your bed. I really like the design and style of it, let's talk about getting it fixed! Before we get started, you'll need to see how severe the damage was done to where the sides broke. The items you spoke of (bolts/nuts/wood) will most likely be needed, but by having a picture to see, we can assist you in getting the right materials and exact know-how. 


So send those pics, and we can get you bed fixed as good as new!


Hope to hear from you soon,




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